Shri. M. K. Sethumadhavan founded Haritham Foods in the region of Malabar 24 years back. Shri K.V Viswanathan, was a humble starter as a support to his father. The thought of being connected to the soil of the land and with deep interest into sales and having sound financial acumen; he slowly started taking control of the business. He was handed over the baton to run the company as the Chairman and Managing Director in 2007. His core strength includes managing strategic growth while ensuring a level of profitability essential for generation of internal funds that fuel rapid growth. Over these years, he has strived to raise standards of customer expectations and has passionately encouraged the team to focus on the ‘customer first’ approach towards every deliverable. His proficiency in managing a complex supply chain has been the driving force that delivered steady top-line increments as well as bottom-line accruals.